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    Where are my assets?

    daveolden Level 1

      I made a minimum test site mockup with a few artboards and a couple of photos and some text in Xd.
      I tried a test-export.
      In the Finder, I went to that folder and there's nothing except a lone Muse file that was already in that folder.


      Back to Xd and exported again... I could see all the items in the export dialogue, and it asked me "...do you want to replace..."

      After the second export, I went back to the target folder.


      From Muse, created a new site blank site, tried to place those items, but it showed empty folder as well.

      What am I doing wrong?

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          swapnilshrivastava Level 1

          Hi Daveolden,


          Thanks for trying out Adobe XD and writing to us. By default the assets are exported to "Creative Cloud Files" which is configured in the Creative cloud application.

          Quick way to browse to that folder is via Creative Cloud UI. Here is a quick screenshot showing the link.


          Can you please re-check and let us know if you find all the exported assets.


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            daveolden Level 1

            I just checked both the chosen target folder, and the "Creative Cloud Files" folder, and still can't see the exported assets.

            Spotlight searches of my hard drive for a few of the files showed "No results."


            ... Now this is odd: a Spotlight search for one of the assets "Group-4@2x.png" opened the file in Preview. I command-clicked the document name to see its enclosing folder -- there were all the files!


            Here, from Preview, I can see all the exported assets:


            Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.19.21 PM.png


            -- BUT when i navigate to that same folder in the Finder, it's empty (that's a preexisting Muse file, btw)...


            Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.19.39 PM.png

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              Remzi Adobe Employee

              Hi David,

              Looking at your screenshots, i noticed that the names of the folders are different.

              You have your Muse file in a folder name "OldenNarrative Site design".

              But the folder containing your exported files seems to be named "OldenNarrative site".

              Could you double check, please?




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                daveolden Level 1

                Remzi, thanks for pointing that out!

                Okay, I just now double-checked.

                I had thought I was exporting to ~/Desktop/OldenNarrative Site design"...

                When it was actually going to ~/Documents/OldenNarrative Site


                This morning, after seeing your post,  I did a new export attempt from Xd to the desktop folder (the one that had been showing empty...) and ...

                Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.18.42 AM.png



                Again, thanks for spotting that!


                - Dave Olden




                *(Boy do I kinda feel like Homer Simpson..."D'oh!")