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    Adding commas to financial numbers using GREP

    ezflip Level 1

      Hi all!


      Using InDesign CC for this. This is the type of financial numbers that I am dealing with - $79605.01 - With over 4k entries to which I must add 1 or 2 commas depending on the number. End result should look like this - $79,605.01 -


      So far, using GREP I have in the FIND WHAT box   \$[.,\d]+  and it works to find them.  What I am missing, or unable to make, is what to put into the CHANGE TO box. I have tried putting \1$  but that doesn't work.


      I don't need the FIND WHAT already because what I have works well. I just need the script so that it will add commas at the appropriate places. Google search gave me plenty of answers as to how to 'find' the figures but it sure is lacking in the 'change to' department.


      Any help from a kind soul?