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    Export JPEG

    anna duraim38716857 Level 1



      I need to export an image as JPEG with mode either CMYK or RGB and resolution 150 or 300.

      by using Script or System events


      Please any one help me.




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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          Why not just use Actions?

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            anna duraim38716857 Level 1

            How to use actions?

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              Toto RoToTO Level 3



              What are you talking about?

              Do you want to export selection as jpg file?

              Or do you want to export raster item or placed item as jpg file?


              Or are you speaking about the document?

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                dnyaneshlb Level 1

                This might help..




                targetFile2= new File('/d/Dnyanesh/Output/a1.tiff');
                    var JPEGExportOpts = new ExportOptionsJPEG();
                    // Setting JPEGExportOptions properties. Please see the JavaScript Reference
                    // for a description of these properties.
                    // Add more properties here if you like
                    // JPEGExportOpts.antiAliasing = true;
                  //  JPEGExportOpts.artBoardClipping = false;
                  JPEGExportOpts.qualitySetting = 99;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.outputResolution = 600;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.resolution = 600;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.horizontalScale = 100.0;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.matte = true;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.matteColor = 0, 0, 0;
                    JPEGExportOpts.saveAsHTML = false;
                    JPEGExportOpts.transparency = true;
                    //JPEGExportOpts.verticalScale = 100.0;
                // Export as JPEG
                sourceDoc.exportFile( targetFile, ExportType.JPEG, JPEGExportOpts );
                alert( 'Files are saved as JPEG');


                Please ignore compilation error if any.

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                  anna duraim38716857 Level 1



                  I have illustrator image file(ai) or tiff image file(tif), and then export as JPEG. and also set resolution as 300, mode RGB.

                  There is no selection is available.