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    Fit Frame to Content Script for Windows

    Ginkhan Siam



      I am new to Indesign especially on Windows. I have the fit frame to content script for Mac but it doesnt work on Windows OS. Can someone please provide me the windows version of the following script


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2015"


            set myDocument to active document

            tell myDocument

                   --a list of all the docs links

                   set IDLinks to every link

                   repeat with x from 1 to count IDLinks

                         --fill proportionally and center the content of each link's parent frame

                         fit parent of item x of IDLinks given frame to content

                         fit parent of item x of IDLinks given center content

                         --other possible fit options are:

                         --content to frame


                         --frame to content

                   end repeat

            end tell

      end tell