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    Collision detection under ray crashes Director when I use two complicated 3D max objects

      I'm using the UNSW tutorials to create a collision detection system for a racing game.

      I'm using a map and a car character built in the same file in 3DS max (along with a couple of other objects) but when I try to perform the collision detection under ray with them director just freezes.

      the map and car at the moment are both pretty badly made, with more than a few holes where there shouldn't be, but I don't know whether this is causing the problem or something else.
      when I use just the map and say a block in the place of the car the system works but when I use the parts I want to it crashes.

      I'm also finding another problem but I think I may be able to sort this one out with a little bit of time. when I'm using the block the collision detection box doesn't always work. If i've got it at a small size or if my box doesnt hit the wall directly in the middle (verticle) it just goes through it. I think the later tutorials may help me with this, but I really need help with the first problem because I don't want to end up having to use a block as a racing car.