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    How to join lines.

    toymaker1 Level 1


      Could anyone show me how to join two lines created with the line tool in Animate CC so that there is a sharp point at the join. I am not sure to to do this.

      For example if I have two0 lines like this:

      line join 1.png

      I dont know how to join them so they look like this:

      line join 2.png

      Thanks for any tips on how to achieve this.

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          _Waylander_ Level 2

          Just make sure they are joined first, grab the point, and move it to insure that both lines move, if they do then they are actually attached. If not turn on Snap, from the View -> Snapping --> Snap to Objects. And drag one of the points to each other, you will feel it pull to the other point.


          All you need to do then is choose how they are joined from the Line Options panel. 


          Change your Line ends to Sqaure, and the Join type to Mitre, and then adjust the miter to get the desired point you want.