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    Indesign CS6 export not working




      I am using Indesign CS6, on Windows 7.

      The export as jpeg, and export pdfs stopped working.


      This is what happens:

      • when I export as jpeg, no export window appears, and nothing is exported.
      • when I export as pdf, in some cases no window appears.  But sometimes an export window appears, and I can choose the presets, but all options are empty gray windows

      emptypdfwindow.JPG(I created a new document with only one textframe with one word, to test generate the screenshots.)

      • when I close afterwards, indesign crashes!



      I tried the following:

      • Restarting the pc
      • cleaning the cache
      • exporting from a new, almost empty file
      • Re-create InDesign preference files
      • generating pdfs from my Illustrator still works



      A couple of days ago, things still worked perfectly.  I have no idea what has changed since to make the export stop working.


      Any help would be appreciated,

      Thanks in advance,