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    Great stuff, lets start the feedback loop


      Good start, looking forward to the monthly updates.

      Here's the obvious candidates (if to be used for more than wireframe-level prototyping).

      Features want-list:


      1. Animations (would be lovely with some sort of integration with Adobes product-range but at least some way to do it).
      2. Transitions (interactions, auto-load, swipe, keyboard-support etc).
      3. Video support (background video / spinners / loader etc).



      1. Responsive design support (preferably by components/module/media quires type objects support)
      2. Smart symbols aka adding states to components for reusability
      3. Way to map prototype in a larger context.


      UI improvements:

      Click-drag for size change in menus (with shift to jump 10 at a time)

      To ever be usable:

      Share button does not work at the moment, and there are no other options. There must be an alternative way to share prototypes if adobe-cloud services are down (this is a deal-breaker).


      Thanks for listening,