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    Adobe bracket key hell on Scandic keyboards


      OK, time to get this issue solved. What is the best way to get rid of the bracket problem on Scandic keyboards and Adobe software once and for all? Scandic keyboards don't have the bracket keys, yet most Adobe software sets some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts on these particular keys, effectively making these shortcuts useless on Scandic keyboard layouts.. and making my workflow more cumbersome, slow and awkward in the process. I've been trying to solve this problem here and there for years now but haven't found a definite solution, and frankly it's getting a little tiring. I know some programs let you customize the hotkeys, but are there any solutions that would fix the issue for once instead of fiddling around in individual config files? Also, any tips on what key combinations are available that could effectively replace the bracket commands in Adobe software?


      Thanks in advance for any help, it's very much appreciated and I hope to get this irritating problem finally solved!