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    Are these empty popups a Flash Player bug or a malware?

    daniel Azuelos Level 1


      MacOS X 10.10.4

      Firefox 44.0.2

      Flash Player


      For security policy I have also:


      Ghostery 6.0.3


      I use the anti-virus clamav (version 0.99) "on request" every day but it isn't a resident anti-virus.

      This computer is fully clean.

      On the other hand our company network is fitered by an anti-virus and an anti-malware which

      no one can turn off (Palo Alto + Ironport).


      Since a few days I have regular empty windows which pop up on my work:

      Flash Player or crapware.png

      These are Finder windows.

      (I am trying to find to which event they might be related).


      Here are my settings within System Preferences:


      How may I diagnose quickly if this is a malware or a Flash Player problem?


      Which logfile should I look at?




      I am also interested by very similar cases and their technical environment (as given at the beginning of this question).