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    How to time multiple expressions?

      I understand how to time two expressions with:


      if (time < 1){
           //expression x here
           //expression y here


      But what if I have many more expressions and want them to execute if between specific times, for example I tried:


      if(time = 1,2){
           //expression x here
      else if (time = 3,4){
           //expression y here
      else if (time = 5,6){
           //expression z here

      But that didn't work. Help very much appreciated~

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you might want to read up on how JavaScript works on a quite general level. Your code just completely makes no sense at all.


          • in programming the point is the numeric delimiter, not the comma
          • = is an assignment operator, not a logic operator
          • a segment has a start and a beginning, but you are only defining a specific exact time in your conditionals
          • you have no fallback else{}


          Based on all that, you have to completely rewrite it. Example:


          if (time >= 0 && time < 1){}

          else if (time >=1 && time < 2.3){}