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    Not Working in Chrome after update :(

    kai 9736878

      Unsure what happened, I built a showHide activity using Edge Animate. It works perfectly fine until this week after Chrome updated. Now all the coding for displaying text ain't working


      //Example Code


      sym.$("content-text").html("<p> <em>  Debt/Equity </em> ratios measure the extent to which a business relies on external borrowings to fund its on-going operations. The higher the ratio, the more heavily that debt financing is used. In order to provide a reliable measure, assets should be valued at market value.</p><p> <em>  Liquidity Ratios </em> show the business&rsquo; ability to repay short term debts.</p>");


      Tested IE and Firefox, works fine. Just Chrome, Anyone able to help me out?? I'm still new to Edge and don't know what to do to fix it