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    lightroom photos will not open in Photoshop 13 automatically

    waynekeene Level 1

      I have an iMac, 27" late 2012, running Yosemite, Lightroom 5, and Elements 13. I have Photoshop Elements selected in Lightroom "Edit in" and under Lightroom Preferences  I have Photoshop Elements 13 selected.


      When I select a photo in Lightroom to open in Photoshop Elements (i.e. in Lightroom I chose "edit in"), PSE 13 OPENS but the photo is never there. I have looked and looked in PSE 13 for the photo from Lightroom and I cannot find it.

      Oddly, a duplicate copy of the photo appears in Lightroom in Grid View.This is driving me nuts! I can DRAG a photo into the Elements icon and it will open in Elements, but then I don't know how to get it back into Lightroom with the editing changes unless I save it to my desktop and then DRAG it into the Lightroom icon. I understand this is supposed to work seamlessly so I am doing something wrong.