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    Close CC Libraries Panel



      I am deploying custom settings for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator using scripts.

      I am a newbie at scripting for Adobe apps..  one thing that I was able to figure out in InDesign but not Photoshop or Illustrator was how to close the "Libraries" panel by default.

      (Since we re doing serial number installs without the Adobe Creative Cloud App installed for non-admins, the panel is basically a prominently featured advertisement for services out users can't use.)

      I contacted Adobe Enterprise support and they gave me nothing helpful.


      I tried the Script Listener for Photoshop but nothing shows up in the logs. I've found object/menu item references that I can call to open/close other panels in Photoshop and Illustrator but not for the "Libraries" panel (too new?).

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks anyone/everyone!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I'm trying to understand your problem.  However, I do not use Photoshop's library feature. I have never created a library. If I open Photoshop Library palette it is empty and shows I can create libraries and add content.  The library palette does not open by default.  Perhaps your opens because of the Workspace your using. Here is what my Library palette looks if I open it using menu Window>Libraries and what my default twocreen workspace look when I open photoshop. I also do not show Adobe Workspaces "Start" and Recent".


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            mattrhorn Level 1

            Hi JJ, thanks for getting back to me!

            On first run of Photoshop CC2014 and CC2015 the Libraries Panel is open by default (see below screenshot), at least on a Mac with Enterprise installation.

            I basically just want to invoke the "Window->Libraries" menu item to deselect the panel so it's not showing on first run (as part of a .jsx startup script).

            To your point, loading a custom workspace would probably work, though then I have to deploy and load a custom workspace via .jsx.

            But if that's actually the easiest way I'll try it out?


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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              That is how the Adobe Essentials workspace is configured. Adobe's default Workspace. I would think in CC 2015 that would not be seen till after you would see Adobe default "Start" Workspace.  You just need to change the user ID Photoshop configuration to your liking. The user ID Photoshop Preferences. You could even modify the Essentials workspace where that palette would be positioned some other place. The library Feature and Palette  are parts of Photoshop.  As far as I know you can not disable or removed it from Photoshop's UI. You need not use it of have it palette visible. Only a select few features cam be disabled like generate plug-in, Start and Recent workspaces.  Like I'm not a Web Developer I do not use Artboards.  Artboard support is still part of photoshop.  No-one uses every supported Photoshop feature.