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    Should I get rid of old Lightroom files and start again?


      I messed up uploading to Lightroom and about half my photos and folders "could not be found".  Then Lightroom was removed when my PC was repaired, so my I just downloaded it again.  I want to upload properly this time. No photos are in Lightroom currently.


      I have the following picture locations on my PC: My PIctures, external drive (ED)1 and (ED)2.  All have bits of Lightroom catalogs etc. (not photo files that I can open) on them.  I have a plan and want to find out whether it will work. 


      I will move all my photos onto ED1 outside of Lightroom.  I will remove Lightroom from my computer AND remove the "bits" that don't contain photos from all three locations.


      I will then download Lightroom again, and upload my photos into it from ED1.  That way Lightroom will know where they are.


      My plan subsequently will be to upload all photos to ED 1.  (How do I set this up?)   I want to set up Lightroom up to backup to ED2. (How will I do this?)


      I'd appreciate help as my previous attempts to fix the problem just made it worse!