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    Nothing Showing in the Topic Pane

      After compiling the HTML Help file, RoboHelp displays the HTML Help Viewer. The Navigation pane works fine. However, nothing is showing in the Topic Pane on the right except a message saying: The page cannot be displayed.

      How do I fix this problem?

      Please help!
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          Hi, Lotus Flower. Welcome to the forum.

          Is your HTMLHelp .chm file on a network? If so, you are being stopped by a Windows security update. Peter Grainge has a full explanation on his site (www.grainge.org), but you may have some trouble getting there - I think he's having his server landscaped.

          The short form: Windows does NOT want active content (like a .chm file) running over a network. HTMLHelp was never intended for network use, anyway - users are supposed to install their help file on the local PC along with the application. There isn't a lot you can do about it except a) distribute the .chm file to each user or b) use a different output on the network. WebHelp was designed to run from a server, and so was FlashHelp.

          By the way, you're not working on your RoboHelp source files over the network, are you? Don't do that - people have permanently scrambled their projects. Always keep your source files on your C: drive. You can back up source files to a network drive, as long they are local when you work on them.

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            Lotus_Flower Level 1
            Hi Elisa,

            Yes. I am working on my RoboHelp source file over the network.

            Thank you very much for your help!

            Lotus Flower