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    New PC Build for Premiere - Storage Setup

    Gene Schilling

      Building a new PC specifically for editing, I do a lot of multicamera work and incorporating more and more 4K footage.  I want to make sure I'm doing the right things as far as both internal and external storage.


      Here is what I am thinking so far...


      SSD for OS and programs

      SSD for cache

      (2) WD 4TB in RAID0 for current projects, media


      Then for external storage, for offloading completed projects as well as archiving, I'm torn between a NAS setup or just a simple one drive USB3 cradle that I can offload to multiple drives as needed.


      My questions:


      - Other than the RAID capability of the NAS, is there any benefit over a simple USB3 drive?

      - Will the NAS give me the ability to run both a RAID setup in, say, 5 out of 6 bays, then use the remaining bay as a separate partition so I can offload projects to other drives?

      - Will a NAS be a bottleneck if I need to edit projects and media located there?

      - Do I need a Thunderbolt connected NAS for optimal speed, or will 10Gb ethernet suffice?

      - Is it worth building a FreeNAS machine on my own, or is it best to go with off the shelf solutions?



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          NAS Gbit solutions would not be suitable for direct editing 4K media or projects. You would want 10gbe for direct editing over network storage. The raid configurations on NAS units can include drives for the 1 volume and other drives for another volume. All the drives do not have to be used in 1 raid config. The NAS management just has to support a passthrough option for a single drive as a volume on the storage or the ability to create a jbod type raid and just use 1 disk in the 2nd volume. USB3 docking stations however would be a cheaper solution and allow you to mount and archive media as needed. The performance would normally be about the same as standard Gbit NAS units. The only difference would be lack of real time data protection that redundant raids give. If you want direct edit capability and raids then the Thunderbolt raid units would be the best solution. Cineraid has 4, 6, 8 and 24 bay Thunderbolt SAS units that are ideal for this type of workflow and removable since Thunderbolt. The SAS raid controllers are Areca and built into the Thunderbolt storage unit itself. I would suggest those if you get an X99 workstation with Thunderbolt. Free NAS offers better options for hardware in network storage since you can select the hardware for the storage system versus an all in one NAS solution. However that would be more of a solution to look at if multiple client editing systems needed to access the network storage.