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    Form Stopped Sending Emails

      Hi all I am fairly new to Flash so bear with me. I have been learning Flash and on a whim thought downloading a template to do a small project for a client would help me learn some more. We it did! It helped me to learn all the wrong ways to to things. Well, not wrong but seemingly WAY outdated ways. Anyway, I managed to get the contact/form page running yesterday with VERY simple script to get it running until I could go back and add more later. I uploaded it and the PHP file and was so happy I had finally made it work I received emails with everything intact and information passed from PHP to me via email. YAY! Then went in to change a few things on the page and now the form doesn't work at all. The code and form worked so I am guessing it's something I did on the FLA that has it wacky. If someone would let me know how to upload that "cause it's a crappy HUGE template FLA I will do that as well.