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    loading a new page, with same swf file..


      Does anyone know or reconize this problem?

      I have a html page with an swf file in it. It is a movie that plays from keyframe 1 to 30.
      In this movie i have a button that tells to go to keyframe 40.
      This swf file is placed in more html pages at the same position so it looks like it is standing still.

      Now this is the problem what happens:
      When i click the navigation hyperlinks to go to another page with this same swf file, it starts playing from keyframe 1
      again, while i did in the previous page clicked on the button to go to keyframe 40.

      so can you prevent a swf file from loading again in a new page?

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          shyaway Level 1
          technically, you're reloading/refreshing the swf when you load a new html. Hence it's not a swf problem.
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            micheal_newby Level 1
            It is reloading or refreshing it. That right.

            So i guess there is no solution to write like a actionscript (when pressing the button) that tells to go to keyframe 40.
            And then is would write to an external file.
            And when loading a new page with the same swf file you could read this external script so that it would remember
            what you last did in this swf file. For example to go to keyframe 40.

            But i have no experience with this kind of scripting.. does anyone tried this already?

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              I too am having this problem and haven't found a solution.

              Basically, I've been trying to have the .swf header read from an XML file that provides a variable based on a page name.



              When I go to contact, I want the contact button to be highlighted, or animated, from a set keyframe in the same .swf that is used on many pages of the site.


              The reload kills this plan!


              Have you found a solution?

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Don't expect to hear from the original poster(s)... I doubt anyone's been checking back for 3 years for an answer.  If you have a problem you should start your own posting rather than riding on someone else's... postings with responses are less likely to get attention.


                In any case, while your intentions aren't entirely clear, what you may be able to do is use variables (FlashVars) in your html code for the swf that identifies a frame to go to for each page.  If you aren't familiar with using them, Google "AS2 FlashVars" and you are likely to find enough information to get you going.  If your goal is something other than having the swf reflect the selected section, then you'll need to clarify things.