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    A game with Cirrus implemented for P2P multiplayer can be published on AppStores?

    juvelez Level 1

      A game with Cirrus implemented for P2P multiplayer can be published on AppStores?, in some places Adobe says that Cirrus is a FREE beta service, and in another places Adobe says that cant be used on commercial projects, so that means is not FREE, is a very confusing information.


      Since Adobe created Stratus, then Cirrus has appeared in the games developing scenario a bunch of developing tools, must of them free or open source and the existing ones mature enough to offer better technologies, like Unity 3D for example, that today offer a lot of multiplayer options including Server less P2P among another gaming developing tools that make Adobe AIR/Flash/AS3 the last alternative for game developing, even the must GaaS on the market build their SDKs for all of them but Adobe AS3 tools, it is very very very sad that even HTML5 has become a better alternative than AS3 for native games on all platforms, and now all of us that defended to the death AS3/Flash against HTM5 threat, now we are forced to use it instead.


      I know this is a recurring question here and outside for each Adobe AIR/Flash developers that are currently waiting for a long time Adobe empower them with tools and technologies that allow them to build better and competitive projects and games, but I thing developers are tire of waiting and even the must devoted Adobe AIR/Flash/AS3 are switching now to a more complete and robust developing tools.