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    Exit Code 126 when trying to download XD


      Hey everyone. I can't download the app and am out of ideas. My OS X is 10.10.5. My specs are adequate. I have admin rights.


      Things I've tried:


      • Clicking "Install" from the CC Desktop app
      • Downloading the app from the Adobe site, which then opens in CC Desktop and fails
      • Uninstalling Adobe CC, running the cleaner app and deleting recommended folders, etc.
      • Changing my language to English, as well as all variations of English
      • Signing out of CC and back in
      • Signing in as a coworker
      • Shutting the computer down and rebooting


      No matter what I try, the app fails to download and when I click "more info", I receive the following error:


      Exit Code: 126

      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 2 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 2 warnings(s)


      FATAL: Fatal Error '126' occurred while download

      FATAL: Error occurred in download of package (Name: coreAssets Version: 0.5.0). Error code: '126'

      WARN: Invalid arguments to utilDecodeBase64Data.

      WARN: Invalid arguments to utilDecodeBase64Data.



      Adobe online support was no help and wanted to take control of my Mac, which I can't allow due to company policy. Any other suggestions or help on how to download is appreciated!