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    Online Services encountered an error when uploading to YouTube. (I'm a PE9 user)

    andy jxm

      Hi, I'm running Premiere Elements 9 on a PC that was working with Windows home premier OS and it has been working well for years. I’ve made over 100 videos for YouTube with no great problems. Few days ago I must have clicked of the update to Windows 10 so I now have Windows 10, and now I'm having a problem with uploading from PE9 to YouTube.


      When I set out to upload to YouTube, after rendering I get a message saying, ‘Online Services encountered an error. The service will now be terminated or paused if possible.’


      The video that I'm trying to upload is 12 minutes long and I’ve tried to upload it from PE9 several times but I always get the error message.

      I have tried some very short videos (3 or 4 seconds) and they upload OK from PE9 but I’ve just tried to upload a 33 second video to YouTube and I get the above error message.

      I have saved the 12 minute long video onto my computer as an MPEG2 1929x1080i25 file and then tried uploading it by getting it via the YouTube site, but that wanted to take 17 hours to upload!  When the system was working correctly I’d expect a 12 minute video to take an hour or two to upload from PE9 to YouTube.

      I suspect that the Windows 10 upgrade has nothing to do with the problem but I'm getting frustrated now and I could do with some help.

      Thanks for reading this.

      Kind Regards  . . . Andy