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    Can you import a signature with a Checkbox?




      I'm new to acrobat and javascript, but was wondering if you can make a fillable form that when opened in Reader, will populate a field with a signature depending on which Checkbox is ticked?


      So I have a list of employees on the document with Checkboxes next to each name. Could the Checkbox that correlates with the Name, trigger a javascript action, that places that persons signature in a field within the same document, but not the same page?


      I'm sure this is possible, but I imagine it could be quite complicated. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



      Also, Acrobat is a great product and can really be beneficial to how we operate in our company. What can I do to learn more? Any suggestions of courses, online tutorials etc, will again be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible, but easiest if you store the signatures appearances (e.g., images or vector graphics) in the document. You can include them in hidden buttons as icons, and copy them over to buttons that are visible when the check box is selected. This will also make it easy to copy them to new documents.


          Importing things (data, images, etc.) into a PDF from external sources is more complicated and you have to deal with security restrictions and restrictions with Reader, but it's possible.


          There are a number of tutorials and other learning materials at acrobatusers.com.

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            craigc82813475 Level 1

            Hello George,


            Thank you so much for the quick and helpful response, I really appreciate it.


            I am happy to go away and research how to store the signature appearances as images/vectors and assign them as hidden buttons, to then copy them over as visible buttons when a checkbox is selected, but if you have the time to do a step by step it would help me greatly. Don't worry if you can't though, as you have put me on the right path.


            Thanks again