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    will not install on an iOS device...




      We have completed a build for an app and are in the testing phase to see how it works on various devices and how the installation works.  I have installed the app on 3 tester iphones, and ipad and and 3 android devices with no problem.  However, I have one iphone that I am testing with our client and for some reason the app just will not install.  The concern is that this may happen to other devices if we launch this.


      I have confirmed the devices UDID by plugging it into Itunes.  I have registered the device and created the provisioning file... I actually deleted it and recreated it in case there was an issue with the file but that did not work.


      When installing, the icon stays on the home screen, but fails to install and responds with “unable to download app – DC 711 could not be installed at this time”. When we scan the QR code and click on install it replies “Frame Load interrupted”.

      When we re-drag in the provisioning file it doesn't seem to ask us to replace like it does on the other devices if you drag it in again.

      Any thoughts or ideas for additional problem solving so I can get this issue resolved?  The Iphone is is an Iphone 6 running ios 9.2.1.

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          ryanskihead Adobe Employee

          When you say you recreated the provisioning file -- did you also re-upload the newly created one to PhoneGap Build and use it to rebuild your app?


          If you have xcode installed you can also view the device logs: Window --> Devices --> iPhone --> View Device Logs. This might shed some light on the error.

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            vbtangy Level 1

            we are not using xCode.  The app is fully functional for multiple testing devices on phonegap build.  We are only having an issue with one device that is failing to install the app.. The app is in development phase at the moment so I added the device to my apple developer account by the UDID and then created the development provisioning file that gets installed via itunes.  After it is there we just scan the QR in phonegap build and the install has worked perfectly on every other device we are not sure why this one could be failing.


            This is our first time using phonegap build platform.  The app was not built using xCode.


            And it installed properly on similar devices running the same iOS version.


            I don't believe we uploaded the device provisioning files at all to phonegap build for any of the devices we only uploaded the files that pertained to that app ID.