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    Bullets and Numbering Levels - InDesign CS6

    daz77 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a framework for my Thesis using numbering as headers.


      I wan't to be able to have '4' Headers starting at 1., 1.1, 1.1.1,


      This I found fairly straight forward to setup, but then I wanted to segregate my Headers into 'Sections' using roman numerals e.g. Section I, II, III, IV, etc.


      I thought I had figured this out, but as you can see its not giving me the desired output.


      The only thing I could do if this is not possible is put the Section's in manually and hope the TOC (when I try to devise one) can correspond with them.


      All in all, I was hoping to have a Section, then some text denoting the Section title, then all the Headers nested inside with the TOC to follow the same order.


      So the Paragraph styles would be:


      • Section
      • Section title
      • Header 1
      • Header 2
      • Header 3
      • Header 4