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    I downloaded the update for Lightroom 6 this afternoon and now, the processing controls are not smooth. For example, when you slide "Highlights" from left to right, there is no smooth transition it just flickers as you move the cursor.

    Stevie Geeee Level 1

      And whilst downloading the update, it appeared to be stuck for a very long time, on 75% complete.I left it to sort it self and when I came back after half an hour it appeared to have completed.

      It was just now, when I wanted to process some images, that the problem appeared, when you slide the cursor from left to right, the screen does not change smoothly, but flickers.

      When for example you slide the Darkness control to the left, the image does not go properly dark but flickers away whilst in motion and you do not attain the max effect

      ALL of the controls for processing from Highlight to Shadow to Colours, appear to be affected, what on earth has happened???