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    Lightroom no longer available by itself?


      It appears my "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" v 6.3 wants to update to "Adobe Lightroom CC".  Since I WILL NOT BE BULLIED INTO SUBSCRIPTION LICENSING I am very concerned that this update will kill my "perpetual license" and cause Lightroom to cease functioning as of a date certain (like Intuit's Quickbooks and Quicken applications do - you get three years only before the program disables key features.)


      Trying to find out if Lightroom was still available as a standalone application - an indicator of whether I should fall for this update or not, I found you can't purchase Lightroom 6 by itself anymore.  Adobe will only sell it to you by subscription to "Creative Cloud Photography plan" which also includes Photoshop CC (which I DO NOT WANT - I'm quite happy with Photoshop CS6, thank you very much).

      So the question is this: was 6.3 the last standalone LR version available?  I.e. is it time to move on to a different application from other vendors with more sane and respectful treatment of long-time customers?