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    Troubleshooting sharing errors in Adobe XD

    njadobe2 Adobe Employee

      Hi everyone,


      If you encounter an error while trying to share an Adobe XD prototype using the "Share Online" popup, sorry about that! Please try one of the troubleshooting tips below.


      If you're an enterprise customer

      Please see Why can't I use the Adobe XD Share Online feature? for information on sharing in enterprise environments.


      Error 1022

      This generally means your network connection might have a problem. Check your Wi-Fi and/or network cable and try other network apps (e.g. a web browsers) to make sure you’re on the network. If your network seems otherwise OK, try the next tip.


      “You need to be signed in…” OR any other error code between 1000 and 2000 (including 1001, 1067, 1080)

      This is generally due to a problem with your Creative Cloud login state. Follow these steps to try to resolve the problem:

      1. Quit Adobe XD.
      2. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud app from your Applications folder (or click on the Creative Cloud icon in your menubar if it’s already running).
      3. Click the gear icon in the upper right and choose “Preferences…”
      4. Click the “Sign Out” button.
      5. After signing out, sign back in again.
      6. Restart Adobe XD and try sharing again.


      Error trying to update a deleted prototype

      If you delete a shared prototype on the web, then go back to the original design file for that prototype and try to share it again, you'll get an error if you click on "Update Link". To work around this, click on "New Link" instead when re-sharing the design.


      "This version of Adobe XD no longer allows you to share designs..."

      This error is incorrectly being shown in the August update of Adobe XD. Upgrading your build will not allow you to share prototypes online. You will see the error in cases where you have an enterprise account and your IT administrator has turned off access to using services like "Share Online" in Adobe XD. We will be fixing the error message to show an accurate one in a future build.


      If none of the above work or you get other error codes (e.g. 44, 45, etc.)

      1. Try again in a few minutes and see if it resolves the issue.
      2. If it still doesn’t work, check the Adobe System Status page.
      3. If the status page shows everything should be working, or if you find yourself having to retry a lot, please report an issue here or on UserVoice with the following information:
        • The error text and error code, if any (you can take a screenshot and post that if it’s easiest)
        • Whether the error occurred right when you first opened the Share Online popup or after you clicked the “Create Link” button in the popup
        • How large the file you were trying to share is on disk, along with roughly how many artboards it has and how large they are
        • If possible, send us your PDApp.log file as described below.


      Sending us log files

      If you encounter any of these errors, even if you're able to resolve it via the steps above, it would be very helpful if you could send us the PDApp.log file from your local system, so we can work to prevent this from happening again in the future. This log file contains information that can help us understand the cause of some types of sharing errors.


      There are a couple different ways you can get the PDApp.log file:

      1. If you are comfortable using Terminal, you can find the file at the following path: ~/Library/Logs/PDApp.log
      2. If you'd rather navigate to the file through Finder, you can use the Go menu to access the folder that contains it:
        • Switch to Finder
        • Choose Go > Go to Folder... from the main menu
        • Enter: ~/Library/Logs
        • The PDApp.log file will be in the Logs folder


      Once you've located the PDApp.log file, please log a bug using Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs



      The Adobe XD Team