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    HELP: Can't import infographics from PPT to InDesign




      I'm using CS6 to write a report (using a template) but I'm having trouble importing infographics which I have in various PowerPoint presentations. I have tried saving the actual graphics as pictures and tried importing them that way but am not having much luck. The pics are either distorted, blurry, appear with a black box around them. It seems to be impossible. I have changed the file format and have tried every other variation such as; TIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG - you name it. All of which don't seem to allow me to have the effect I desire.


      I basically want to be able to import an infographic from PPT and be able to edit the size, colour and group and lock them together (when necessary). I have been even tried doing all of that in PPT, saving it as an image and tried importing to InDesign but still have the same issues.


      Can anyone assist?