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    mark for resubmission




      can somebody tall me how to mark a picture for resubmission. I can mark pictures as rejected or only mark, but what about resubmission?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Are you asking how to mark a photo for republishing, e.g. for republishing to Flickr or Facebook?  In the Publish Services panel in the left column of Library, click on the published collection containing the photo. Then right-click the photo and select Mark To Republish.

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            christophek22525811 Level 1

            No, I'm asking for a possibility to mark my picture for resubmission. For example, I have a serie of pictures that I send for checking to my client, some of this pictures are accepted some of theme are rejected and some of them must be checked and resubmitted. The thirty point that I'm asking for.

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              Use the COLOR Labels.  You could use Green for Accepted, Red for Rejected and Yellow for Resubmitted.

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                christophek22525811 Level 1

                I know about the Color possibility, I use the color already for other things.

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  Alternative ways to mark photos with workflow-specific values:


                  - Use keywords.  You can change the keywords' Include On Export attribute to prevent them from being included in exported photos' metadata.  Keywords easy to use, give you a lot of flexibility, and are quickly searched.


                  - Use any EXIF or IPTC field that your workflow doesn't otherwise use, e.g. EXIF User Comment or IPTC Category, Job Identifier, Instructions, Source. While these all have intended uses defined by standards, if your workflow isn't using those fields, there's nothing wrong with appropriating them for your own use.  One issue with this approach is that, using the built-in LR facilities, you can't search specific IPTC fields -- you can only search all IPTC fields in aggregate, which means that, depending on what you're searching for, you might get false search hits.  You could work around that by entering a unique string, e.g. "XXRESUBMITXX".


                  - Add your own custom metadata field.  If you're just a little savvy technically, grap a copy of the free Big Note plugin and modify it for your own use.  It doesn't require any true programming to add your fields, just some editing of configuration files.