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    compatibility with Mocha Plus 4

    clauderozsa Level 1

      Good morning,


      I'm trying to use in after effects CC2014 my link with Mocha Plus 4 latest version. As demanded by Imagineers systems I have downloaded and installed the Mocha 3D importer and

      put the plugin in the appropriate AE CC2014 sub-directory.


      Having tracked my different layers and used the camera resolve option, I save to clipboard the data and switched back to AE. But in the Edit menu the Paste Mocha camera option

      which I should use is still inactive.
      Has anyone here a clue on why does this happen? Could it be that only Pro version users of Mocha be allowed to use this to create a null in AE? Obviously a simple Paste doesn't

      create the Null as apparently all the tutorials I've checked out suggest.


      Thanks in advance