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    In Premiere elements 14 the Movie Menu Scene Selection (Motion, Holidays, Christmas frame) does not link the 6th scene to the Main Menu page. It places the 6th scene on Scenes Menu 2 but with no link to the either the Main or Scene Selection Menu. What ca


      How can I modify a Movie Menu template? I'm using a Motion - Holiday and Events - Christmas menu template linked to 6 scene markers. Five scenes are represented by a thumbnail and name on Scenes Menu 1, which pops up when the Scene Selection button on the main menu page is hit. However, the 6th scene, which also has a thumbnail and corresponding scene marker, is on another page (Scenes Menu 2) which has no link to the Main page (doesn't appear in the Scene Selection Menu which has just 5 thumbnails and an arrow to return to the Main Menu). In the working area under the clip monitor the Main Menu 1, Scene Menu 1 and Scene Menu 2 appear together and by clicking on the thumbnail in Scene Menu 2 the link to the 6th clip works except when Preview Disc is played, in which case Scene Menu 2 disappears. So the Scene Marker is correctly linked, it just doesn't appear in the finished menus. The first five clips in the Timeline (linked to the Scene Selection menu) are all video clips but the 6th clip is a slideshow. I've read several threads on menus but found no mention that a slideshow scene marker is treated differently by a menu template. Is it?? The first 5 clips are all AVI-DV format having been imported from project files previously saved in this format so they could be linked and burned to a DVD. The slideshow is imported from PSE14 and the 6 joined clips have already been burned successfully to disc (without a menu) as a try-out. However, I wasn't happy with the resolution, so saved them individually to the only other DVD resolution - SD576. Now I'm stuck getting this menu sorted. I operate WIN 10. Any help will be gratefully accepted.