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    Adobe Creative Cloud never finished loading -- Can I get help with that?


      Every time I have a problem and get it fixed, it only seems to be fixed until the next time I turn on my laptop. Then the same problem is back!


      Eventually, I went to live support and everything seemed resolved until the next day. I was and still able to open up any of the Adobe programs that I would need for my online art classes, but soon enough when I needed fonts, I found that Typekit would not sync what fonts I'd like to use simply because Adobe Creative Cloud would not finish loading after signing in.


      So I've tried running it again as Admin and have come across the same error that I've seen so many times: http://prntscr.com/ag9jo9


      I've tried reinstalling it as the message says, but it remains with the loading wheel. I'm not exactly sure what to do from there.




      - My laptop has Windows 10.

      Anything else you need to know, please do ask.