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    Who can solve this challenge?.


      My name is Pablo Sanhueza.

      I can not narrow the window, because the blinking cursor is very large. How do I solve this problem?.Letra cambria.jpg

      I hope your help. Thank you very much.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          The Cambria font is causing it:


          The font Cambria has fairly weird default dimensions. Its design is based on a standard value of 2048 units per em (meaning, a regular character such as 'A' or 'x' should fall well within this box), but some of its characters go way beyond this:

          xMin : -3020 yMin : -5045 xMax : 5873 yMax : 6383 

          So there are characters that stick out 2.5 times the 'normal' height above, and more than 3 times below, the 'usual' box. Presumably this is because the font is paired with Cambria Math – a dedicated mathematical set that contains lots of super-large characters such as Summation ∑, Product ∏, and various sets of math brackets to span several lines.


          Poor Fireworks doesn't know this, and so it displays this overly large bounding box – because the font tells it this should be this large.



          There is even no good way to do this outside of Fireworks, say, with a font editor. The dimensions inside the font are the actual character dimensions; and to decrease them you'd need to physically remove all offending large characters from the font.



          Bottom line: unless you really want to use this font, try another. And if you really want to use this font, you'll have to live with this quirk.

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            pablinni Level 1

            Thanks for trying, but the challenge is still present.

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              pablinni Level 1

              The cursor is bigger, but the lyrics are smaller. The cursor is 3 times larger than the font size. The letter size is 17. I remember once increased the size of the letter and thus increased the cursor, but then I could not shrink the cursor cambria regular letter. I have tried many solutions, but I can not shrink the rectangle cyan, without changing the font size. Sometimes achico the rectangle, but it distorts the letter and is no longer in size 17 but, for example 6,39. This situation come dragging several years, even though I formatted my computer and I changed.

              If for example, Adobe Fireworks CS6 installed on another computer and does not have that anomaly, a file program that allows me to copy your settings and replace the Fireworks my computer and solve this anomaly exists ?. It's an idea.

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                Herbert2001 Level 4

                Did you understand my answer? Cambria is at "fault" here - it is a font with strange dimensions.


                Most other fonts do not have this problem.