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    Removing gap

    H2O4 Level 1

      I almost complete my video and decided to add a few more images and it would create a gap

      in my music. I tried left mouse key to use the "delete and close gap" function but it will not work.

      If I try to move the music over it will not work either.


      so, how do I close the gap without  having to delete the complete sound track and reinstalling it.


      [all words CAP change to GAP by mod for clarity]

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of the program are you using on what operating system?


          If your video with the gap in it on Video 1/Audio 1? The Delete and Close Gap feature in some versions of the program only works on Video 1/Audio 1.


          Is there any video on any track other than your Video 1 and music tracks?

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            H2O4 Level 1

            Elements 13 on Windows 10


            My timeline images and video is on Video 1 while the sound/music is on Soundtrack timeline

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Can you Delete and Close Gap if you remove the soundtrack?

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                H2O4 Level 1

                The cap is in my music not my image. I added several images and now I have a cap or split in my music

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  That's correct. You can not delete and fill gap in the music if there are no gaps in your Audio 1/Video 1 track.


                  Drag to lasso the video on Video 1 to the right of your music and drag all of this video to the right. Then double-click in the gap in Video 1 and select Delete and Close Gap.


                  As I said, in current versions of the program, the "ripple" effect only affects the media on Video 1/Audio 1.


                  In the future, you can avoid splitting the music as you add video or photos by holding down the Ctrl key (the Cmd key on a Mac) as you add your video or photos to your timeline so that you're overriding the ripple effect.

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                    H2O4 Level 1

                    Ctrl key, good to info thanks.


                    I tried to drag and its seem to work partly, it would stop short of the music. Thank goodness for undo....