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    Playback freezes after rendering timeline


      Hi all,


      I'm just new to Premier Elements and really like the software but I'm having an issue that means I can't complete any of my projects.


      I've tried a few times to add 10-12 clips with transitions and some effects. The playback is fine (very slightly skipping but no problem) and I can work quickly. I then render the timeline to smooth out any skipping and it will no longer playback at all really. It will freeze, then change to a different frame every few seconds but I can't work off it.


      So, my understanding is that rendering should have the opposite effect. I'm worried that when I really need to get smooth playback on a large project with lots of effects and transitions that I will not be able to because I cannot use the render function. It's weird because the playback is really quite good before rendering.


      Can anyone make some suggestions of ways to get the render function working properly so I can use it to get smoother playback?


      My computer is running windows 8 with an i7 processor and 8GB RAM. It's got a Nvidia Geoforce GTX 850M video card. The video files are all 1080p widescreen, .mp4 from my GoPro and .mov from my Olympus camera.


      Thanks for the help

      - Jack

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Mixing two different video formats/codecs could be part of the issue. But it depends.


          Which version of the program are you using?


          Most newer versions of the program set up your project settings automatically, based on the first clip you add to your timeline. Sometimes the program has trouble recognizing the specs of MOV files however.


          Look at the first clip on your timeline in Expert view. Is there a yellow-orange (or even green) render line on the ticker along the top of the timeline above the clip? If your program has set up correctly, there will NOT be a yellow-orange or green line above the clip until you add effects to it.


          We may also need to crack open the video from that Olympus camera and see what it's made of. It may include MJPEG footage or some other codec that doesn't play well with this video editor.