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    How to create handbook using webpages


      Hi All.


      I'm investigating using Acrobat to create a printable handbook. At present, my organisation uses microsoft word to produce a hanbook (some 100 pages long) and converts this to a PDF and distributes electonically via the web/email.


      I'd like to convert the handbook to a series of webpages such that page 1 in the 'paper' handbook was a single web page, and so on for all pages. However, I'd like to be able to have some functionality that would enable me to produce a printable version of the handbook such that pages were retained in order from the web version. Does anybody know the best way to acheive this? Is there some form of mark-up that interacts with Acrobat to retain page sequencing for example (e.g. some way to tell Acrobat to append web pages using a numbering format embedded into a webpage header)?


      Or am I going about this wrong way?


      Thanks Justin.