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    How to convert into apk/ipa files


      Sorry my question might sound weird but I'm a real noob: once the project is done, what shall I do to convert it into a real apk/ipa file? Thank you in advance!

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          Brumcar Level 1

          You can't.


          This is simply a UX design application, not development You could send a feature request but I don't imagine that this is planned.

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            gianluigid52368094 Level 1

            Thank you, I was almost sure it was not possible through XD; my question is: how can it be done?


            I understand it can be hard and long to explain - of course I don't want anybody to loose their time - but I'd just like to know what other program (for Mac, possibly) I need to use to pack the app itself into apk/ipa.


            Any answer like "buy you a developer stage" will be well accepted and of course understood...



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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              In developing an app you would use XD to get client approval of the way the app works, and then you would use the same graphical assets in a mobile app development tool of your choice. I've worked on about 18 apps in the various app stores, and all of them were made using Adobe Animate. You could look at that, it can publish to Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and also can be used for making videos, or content for desktop web playback. It also publishes to HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 WebGL 2D, animated SVG, and more...

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                Web Magi Level 4

                I see that this topic is marked as answered, but it's an important question; one I feel deserves a bit more attention.


                Adobe XD is a great app design tool, and a somewhat acceptable app prototyping tool (in its current beta stage), but that's as far as their "end-to-end solution" goes at this time. Development is primarily an afterthought, if that, promoting a siloed workflow between the UI/UX design team, and the developers. You can export image assets, but there is no true end-to-end solution that offers integration with an Adobe development tool. And that's a real shame, because Adobe does provide a path for packaging apk/ipa files. You would think that a company that offered design, development, and app packaging solutions could figure out how to create an integrated solution for designing, developing, and packaging apps. ;-)


                Here is a look at one (Mac only) solution that comes close: http://www.neonto.com/ (I think Adobe could do better, if the right people believed it was important and pushed for it.)

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                  gianluigid52368094 Level 1

                  Thank you for the answer and the interest: indeed, it was a "noob" question, but hiding some higher thoughts...


                  Of course everyone has to do his own job, but personally I've always been trying to solve my problems by myself, making mistakes, learning little by little and sometimes with very good results.


                  Nowadays, if you strongly want to do it yourself, you can do it, 90% of the times by searching a few minutes on the internet: isn't it that famous globalization everybody's talking about?


                  Thank you very much for your concern, I really appreciate it.

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                    how to get .apk file in adobe XD? is possible?


                    I don't no Code knowledge? i know Adobe muse?


                    I'm Graphic Designer? Not Website Designer?


                    but i will Do, Website Design using adobe muse?


                    next, please answer


                    how to get .apk file in adobe XD? is possible?