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    How to link individual data from a table to text somewhere else within the document? (InDesign)


      I am using InDesign CC 2014.


      I am trying to link a single part of text to another part of text within my document.


      Basically, I have used the data merge function to copy data from my excel master sheet into InDesign using the excel formatting, which has worked fine. I am now looking at additionally linking the individual data from the table to somewhere within the text. So for example, if one of the specifications changes (eg. the price) this will change within the table (which works fine), but then also I can link this to somewhere else within the text of the document, where it mentions the price and it will change accordingly when I update the links.


      Is there anyway of doing this? I have looked at linked content, but I can only copy the block of text or an object, and not a single word within the text.