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    Photoshop extension: Https request get canceled. Is it an SSL certificate error?

    SPIRIT/21 AG



      I'm working on an Photoshop extension. Now I want to use an certificate to register at my backend server. Therefor I have to establish a SSL secured connection.


      As long as I use http to connect to my server everything ist fine, as soon as I use https my request get canceled.



      I'm using Photoshop CC 2015 with an unsigned extension -> so it is running in debugger mode.


      I already checked HTTPS calls fail in self signed HTMLExtension InDesign CC 2014 and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12009423/what-does-status-canceled-for-a-resource-mean- in-chrome-developer-tools


      But none of these Threads helped me.


      I think there is a problem with the embedded chromium version, which not accept my certificat.


      Can I force it to accept it, somehow?

      Has anyone an idea how to fix this?