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    parts of sound not exported



      I have problem because parts of sound from my movie did not get exported.


      I have created it using two clips. I have cut them in to pieces and reordered. Also I have slow down some parts using time stretch.


      When I watch it in premiere elements all is fine, sound plays in slow motion just as I expect it to. When I export it to MP4 and play it in viewer, parts of sound that suppose to accompany parts of clips I have slow down are not there.


      Does anyone know why this is happening?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you apply Time Stretch or Time Remapping to a clip, the effect is applied to the video only. The audio is usually disconnected or deleted completely.


          Is that what's happening? Can you post a screen capture of your timeline in Expert view?

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            kmeld Level 1


            When I did time stretch video was neither disconnected nor deleted. When I was using preview in premiere elements sound was played exactly as it should, that is in slow motion.

            Problem was only on export. Behaviour was the same regardless of output video format.


            I have discovered that this problem is related with percentage of time stretch. If clip is played with speed below 10% of original sound stoops to export. My clips was played at 10% and 8% so for those sound was not being exported.


            What I did was I disconnected sound from this parts of clip. Set it to play at 20% and exported part. Than I imported this new clip to my project and time stretched it by 50%.

            In the end I had my sound exported as it would be played in 10% for one clip and 8% for the second one. But I must have had gone the way around to get this.


            I believe that there is a bug with this sound export for clips played below 10% of original speed.