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    How can I avoid crashing the APP so often?

    Vernon Song

      Dear Adobe,

      I really appreciate you make this APP. I originally want to write one myself.

      But I feel curious why it crashes so often. No mater in auto or manual mode, 3 times of video play I trigger averagely upon it crashes. I think it consume too much memory and doesn't free on time.

      The APP sends crash report every time, but fix comes lately.

      Can you teach me how to avoid crashing it? Or just hire me to debug!

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          Hi 惟農 宋,

          Sorry to hear that you are having such frequent problems with Clip. Let's start by getting a little information:

          1. What version of Clip are you running? To find out, tap the Clip icon in the upper left corner, then tap About Adobe Premiere Clip.
          2. What type of mobile device are you using?
          3. What is the version of the operating system?

          Now, about the particulars of this crash:

          1. Does the app always crash while you're simply playing a project?
          2. What kinds of assets are you using in your project? Photos? Videos?
          3. Did you shoot the assets on your mobile device or import them? If imported, please specify what camera or application created them.
          4. Does it matter how long the project is or how many clips are used?


          We have no way to directly trace crash reports to individual users. However, if you submit a few crash reports in a row and let us know exactly what time you did so, we should be able to hunt down your reports. I will send you a message with my email address so you can alert me when the crash reports are sent.

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            Vernon Song Level 1

            Adobe Primere Clip version

            Sony Xperia Z3, Android 5.1.1, bought in Taiwan

            It doesn't crash when I just play the project. But it often crashes when I edit and play, edit and play, edit and play...crash!

            My projects are all composed by 40~70 videos. They are all shot by the device itself. Total length of each project is 2~4 minutes.

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              umangmittal Level 1

              Hi Vernon,


              Thanks for your help.

              I was trying to reproduce the issue, and followed below steps on Sony Xperia Z3 -

              1. Created a freeform project with 40-70 videos and some images.
              2. Applied looks and some background music.
              3. Trimmed few clips one by one and tried playback.

              But I was not able to get the app to crash.


              Please help with following information -

              1. Am I missing some steps for reproducing the issue ?

              2. If possible, please let us know some other information about your device - like memory info, other apps that are installed on your device.

              3. While you're working on Clip, is some other app running in background ?

              3. Information about the type of videos you are using, like resolution, file format, audio format, length of video clips.

              4. Also, please help with approximate number of media in your device gallery.




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                kirker Level 4

                Hey 惟農 宋!

                Were you able to find success with Umang's post? Please feel free to post again, we'd love to know how you're doing with the app and if you would like assistance. Thanks!


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                  KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                  Is the device also trying to SYNC while you're working on this? 

                  I have had delays (not crashes) while syncing many clips of media across slow networks.