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    Acrobat 9 Pro on old PC's. Just upgraded to new PC's & now cannot re-install Acrobat 9 Pro?!


      We moved from 5 year old Windows 7 PC's to new Windows 10 PC's. I pulled the Acrobat 9 Pro license keys using a program called Belarc adviser, then uninstalled Acrobat from several of the old machines (we had 17 total & only need this version of Acrobat on 4 of the new PC's). I then re-downloaded 9 Pro from Adobe's website, and started to install it on the new PC's, however when I went to enter the key I received a 'license invalid' error. I re-confirmed that the key was correct and tried several more times but kept receiving the same error.


      I have contacted adobe support via chat AND phone, and they have pretty much told me its discontinued and there's nothing they can do to help. On top of all this we aren't even sure who these licenses were originally registered to (they were purchased for the company years ago, but the main purchaser is unsure whom it was who sourced this version of Acrobat for the office). Is there anything I can do to resolve this? It appears that of the licenses that I pulled on several machines, all are the same, which leads me to believe that these are volume licenses.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated!