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    Can't read license while installing Flash player


      I got prompted to install a Flash update today on my Win 10 Pro machine. Install window shows the usual "I've read and agree to license" box. I thought I'd glance at the license, unlike probably 99% of people who blow past that. Clicking the link resulted in the following:


      1) Browser (Firefox) opened to an Adobe page with a long list of products.

      2) I had to search this page to find the Flash Player license link. Why could Adobe not link directly to the license page??

      3) I clicked the link, which prompted me to download the license PDF. I saved it locally.

      4) I clicked the file in the browser download list to open the license. Nothing happened. Tried this a couple of times, same result.

      5) Found the PDF file in my file explorer, and tried opening it from there. But wouldn't open from there either.

      6) Checked Task Manager and saw around 8 instances of adobe exe running, but nothing open on desktop.


      My conclusion is that when the Flash installer is running, Adobe Reader won't open. Am I doing something wrong? If that is indeed the behavior, I would think Adobe needs to fix this ASAP or risk not only the wrath of users, but potential legal issues if users can't actually read their license while installing.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Thank you for reporting the bug that the page launches to the top of the page instead of the Flash Player section.  I have escalated this.


          Adobe Reader and Flash Player are 2 completely separate programs and the Flash Player installer doesn't impeded the opening of Reader, however, the Flash Player installer does have the main window focus.  If Reader app opened minimized, or in small window, it's possible to have opened behind the Flash Player installer.  I suspect something else is going on.  Perhaps something's wrong with your Reader installation.  Not sure what you mean by ' 8 instances of adobe exe running'.  There are many, many Adobe products and 'adobe exe' is not descriptive of which product is being referred to.




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            bb1769 Level 1

            I was speaking loosely on the exe name; it specifically was AcroRd32.exe. I have the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed, version 2015.010.20060. There were about eight of these AcroRd32.exe running inthe "Details" tab of Task Manager. None were running on the desktop, either minimized or below other windows -- none appeared in the applications running in the taskbar.