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    Print  TOC is wrong


      I have 15 books and I generate a print version individually for each book. They all print correctly except one. It will not print the first book name in the printed version of the TOC when I generate a single output. But when I generate individual documents it will and yet all of the others print correctly as generated single output.. So I cannot duplicate the problem.

      I have recreated the actual RH TOC, I have renamed the folders, I have added a folder in SSL print layout, created a new print SSL from scratch and it still doesn't work!
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          dhelp Level 1
          The saga continues with more testing. This is quite strange, remember all the other print outs work. The only thing I hadn't tested was the section layout. I removed the copyright page and inserted a differant page, and then the TOC showed the book name correctly!. So then I started working with the copyright page and after much testing I found that if ANY graphic was at the top of the copyright page it wouldn't work, so I am just removing the logo for that printout.

          Note: The old copyright page with the logo works for all other printouts.
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            I wonder if Word is behind this? One of the things that has always puzzled me about Word is how a page or section break fits into the following paragraph. I keep forgetting this, deleting the paragraph marker before the break, and losing the paragraph style for the paragraph after the break. This sounds suspiciously similar.

            What's the style of the paragraph (with the graphic in it) at the top of the copyright page?
            What's in Page Setup? Does the copyright page match the title page? Do they match the chapter layout?
            Did you take a look at the Word output with everything visible? (in Tools > Options > View)

            And finally, is there any way to sneak a little tiny paragraph above the graphic paragraph? Maybe that workaround will mitigate the Word wide weirdness.

            It's an interesting problem...