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    Hebrew fonts display as English in CC2015 products, other do display as Hebrew

    akiva.kent Level 1

      1. I am using Windows 10 Home. I did not change any language settings.


      2. I installed SBL, Cardo, Ezra SIL, and other open-source fonts.

      On installation, the "quick brown fox ..." appeared in English not with Hebrew letters.


      3. have installed Davka Writer 7, a Hebrew Wordprocessor, which includes various fonts such as DavidD. This product uses only its own Hebrew fonts; so the above fonts are not accessible to Davka Writer.


      4. However, in Adobe Creative Suite 2015 products (Photoshop, Flash, etc.), all fonts are available.


      The DavidD (from Davka) types Hebrew letters,

      Adobe Hebrew has Hebrew letters as the sample but types English letters (glyphs?).


      I can also use AS3 to make a list component use DavidD fonts in Hebrew, but the other Hebrew fonts appear as English.


      the other Hebrew fonts, SBL, Cardo, Ezra SIL, etc. also only type English letters.


      5. Question:

      How do I get these Hebrew fonts to appear as Hebrew, not English letters (glyphs?)