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    easy flash question

      I am sure this is very easy. I have tried a couple of different things with no luck.

      What I want to do it.

      When you move your mouse over a certain area of the swf file a see through box apears (alpha at 40%) so you can still read what is under neath it and when you click it takes you to an external website.
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          sneakyimp Level 2
          if you have already put the objects on your stage with the alpha at 40 while you are authoring the fla, then you can actionscript in the first frame to hide them. assuming they are given instance names of seeThruBox1, etc., do this:

          seeThruBox1._visible = false;
          seeThruBox2._visible = false;

          //then further assuming the object to be moused over is named 'obj' then you can do this:

          obj.onRollOver = function() {
          seeThruBox1._visible = true;
          obj.onRollOut = function() {
          seeThruBox1._visible = false;
          obj.onRelease = function() {
          getURL(" http://hotmail.com");
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            paulmmalone Level 1
            That did it!!!!

            Thank you