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    Download error for apps on creative cloud



      I a have PC with Windows 7.

      I downloaded Creative Cloud on my work computer. I only have it installed in my laptop at home. So I know I haven't reached my installation limit.


      It installs just fine. (I've uninstalled and re-installed twice.) I've downloaded the installation file twice and done uninstallations and re-installations with the different downloads.


      When I open the app tab, I can't even see the apps. It gives me a blank screen that says (in Spanish) "Download Error. Download error. Press refresh or contact customer support." It doesn't give me an error code either. Just that. I can't change the language from Spanish in settings either.


      I can't even download trial versions of anything because the apps tab won't load.


      The Home tab is blank as well. It tells me my 'home source' or something is empty. Then it gives me two buttons. One says "Install Adobe apps" and sends me to the Apps tab (which doesn't load at all). The other one talks about some Behance thing I'm not interested in.


      In other words, I can't even download my free trials. My Creative Cloud is 100% useless.


      Please help.