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    "Person Shown" as Search Criteria

    lucien58 Level 1

      I am a People Photographer, and have been using Media Pro (in all its versions and incarnations) every since it was introduced many years ago as iView Media Pro.  Media Pro did not start out with a "People" field until many years after its inception.  Adobe prefers to use  "Person Shown" as the name of that IPTC field.  I am starting to explore migrating to Adobe softwares for my database workflow, including Lightroom and Bridge (I already use Lightroom extensively for image processing and publishing).  HOWEVER, I have found that searching for People or Persons Shown is ridiculously difficult.  I don't know why it's more important to search for an image shot with a particular lens than for someone whose name is already in the Metadata. That seems totally Geeky to me.  I would love to be able to enter a person's name in the FIND or Search fields and get all the images where that name has been entered in the Metadata in Person Shown Field (embedded in the file), and specify that only that field to be searched.  I have already tried the Find feature in Bridge and in LR but it returns with that name in various fields, i.e. If I use my name, it doesn't only give me the images where I am in , but also all the others that have my name in other metadata such as Lucien's House, or Lucien's vacation, etc.


      i would love for Adobe to include Custom Fields in the Metadata section.  Whatever serves Journalists and Stock Agencies is not necessarily useful for the public at large.