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    Problems with LoadVars instance

      Hello Everyone!

      I'm a newbie... could you please help me with following code:

      So this is what I want to do: Get a variable (text-variable) out of the txt-file (Tekst.txt) and put it in my flash dynamic textfield (= var_text).

      The txt.file looks like this:

      I also tried to change the path:
      so I've changed loadMyData.load("Tekst.txt") into loadMyData.load(" http://www.frederickgeernaert.com/Tekst.txt");

      (www.frederickgeernaert.com is my server root-path)

      Very strange: when I test my flash file (in flash) it works
      but when I put it on the server it doesn't work...

      What am I doing wrong?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!